DP Panel system for short backed horses, Weight bearing surface area

DP Panel system for short backed horses, Weight bearing surface area

Welcome to the fantastic DP Panel system. 

The goal of the Panel is to Minimize the length of the weight impact area of the horse, while maximizing the distribution area. How is that possible? The baroque panels, most common the El Campo and El Campo Shorty, distribute the weight down the ribs towards the belly so you keep a large surface area to distribute the rider impact. The yellow arrows show the increased panel surface area. The circle shows how large the area is where the seat balance point will be. Rider sit bones and seat size will vary on pelvis but should land around the area of the circle and the arrow in the back (if larger rider or braced in stirrups)

DP Saddlery El Campo panel system weight distribution

To limit the length it has tapered panels so they "get off" the shoulder/scapula and off the loin/last rib area faster. Check out this photo of the El Campo saddle sitting on a flat stand. 

DP saddlery El campo shorty top hat tack tapered panels

Obviously the horse is not as flat as the wood rack (some may be like donkeys have flatter back) But you can clearly see how the exaggerated up slope of the panels limit the length that the saddle can impact the horse. 

I get this question a lot. What is the weight bearing surface area of the El Campo or El Campo Shorty?  Read about measuring weight bearing surface area HERE There is no actual number that can be given for the weight distribution area of the El campo with out putting a sensor pad on the horse, with the rider and the saddle to apply the physics to that pairing. HOWEVER you should know that the El Campo integrates every possible design feature to minimize the impact area that you put on your horse and in most cases it's less than the seat size itself. Need even smaller?.... Lets look at the DP El Campo Shorty compared to the regular HERE. 


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