DP Saddle Size Chart


DP saddles are available in 4 different seat sizes (measured on the bare tree prior to being built)

S1  ≈ 16.5"  (compare to 15" Western or 16.5" English)
S2 ≈ 17.5"  (compare to 16" Western or 17.5" English)
S3 ≈ 18"     (compare to 17" Western or 18.5" English)

S4 ≈ 19"     (compare to 18" Western or 19.5" English)*

Please note: S4 is a special order only, upcharge applies, and is not available on all models. 

Please note, that the finished seat size depends on the model and can variate slightly between different models. The seat size also depends on the type of gallery (front and back) you are choosing. When in doubt, contact one of our dealers to get the opportunity to sit in one of our saddles first before ordering.