DP El Campo Custom Order

Here are some details about the El Campo to help you design your dream El Campo Saddle.
This page is best viewed on a computer because there are a lot of options to look at.
This fantastic Saddle was designed with your horses' comfort in mind. Proper weight distribution while still maintaining a close accurate communication with the horse. The panel system maximize weight distribution. Minimize impact length on the horses weight bearing surface area.

  • DP El campo black

    El Campo Vs El Campo Shorty

    The El Campo Shorty helps minimize the impact length on the horse weight bearing surface area. Allowing a larger seat on a shorter backed horse, within reason.

  • DP El campo To Hat Tack shorty vs regular

    Panel Length

    The El campo Shorty has 1-1.5 in shorter panels than the regular El Campo

  • DP El Campo Shorty Vs Regular Top Hat Tack

    Skirt Length

    The rear skirt is trimmed a bit shorter for the El Campo Shorty. Some times 1- 1.5 inches. This will not change the seat size or rider feel.

  • DP Saddlery El Campo vs El campo shorty Top Hat Tack


    You can see that the El Campo has a D ring for the rear tree screw, while the shorty has a Phillips Screw for the rear tree screw

  • DP El campo black


    Standard , no tooling no upgrades. Can come in all standard DP leather colors. *upcharge for custom colors.

  • DP El Campo SKL Aspen Black Top Hat Tack


    Soft seat lather insert in leg area. Can be Nappa or Nubuck. All soft areas can be any of the DP soft leathers. *upcharge for custom colors

  • DP El Campo Decor Top Hat Tack


    Tooled in the brown areas, Behind the thigh, and behind the cantle with a swirl pattern.

  • DP Saddlery SKL Decor Top Hat Tack Nappa

    SKL+ Decor

    Combine SKL and Decor

  • DP Saddlery SKL Decor Top Hat Tack Nappa


    Smooth easy to wipe with a damp cloth. Clean like you would normal English saddle seat leather. *upcharge for custom colors only

  • DP Saddlery SKL Decor Nubuck Top Hat Tack


    Suede like grippy leather. Can not wipe with a wet rag. Adds grip to seat, leg, knee or anywhere you decide to put Nubuck Leather. *upcharge for custom colors only

  • DP Saddlery El Campo SKL Decor Aspen black Top Hat Tack


    Slight grip, patterns vary by hide. Slight peach fuzz feeling to the leather. Not as grippy as Nubuck or Suede. Can not be wiped with a wet rag. Treat it like Suede for cleaning.

  • DP El Campo Floral Boarder Blue Suede Saddle Top Hat Tack


    Traditional grippy suede. Can be added to any soft leather areas. Shown on the back of the cantle, back of the thigh, and stirup loops in blue. *upcharge

  • DP El campo black


    no conchos, standard cantle, no tooling

  • DP El campo HM cantle Top Hat Tack

    HM Cantle

    The has a smooth finish and piping along the edge, shown in white pipe. See the standard cantle above. *upcharge

  • DP Saddlery Standard stirrup loops Top Hat Tack

    Standard Stirrup loop

    Made with any of the soft Nappa, Nubuck, Aspen or Suede Leather Colors to match your saddle.

  • DP Saddlery Fancy Stirrup loops Top Hat Tack

    Fancy Stirrup loops

    Braided Leather loop made from any of the harder saddle leather colors. *upcharge

  • DP El campo with conchos Top hat tack

    Antique Conchos

    Stainless/Silver or Brass/Gold

  • DP El campo berry conchos Top Hat Tack

    Berry Conchos

    Silver or Gold

  • DP Saddlery Concho options Top Hat Tack

    Concho options

  • DP Saddlery Custom Conchos Top Hat Tack

    Custom Conchos

    Availability, Pricing and style varies. *upcharge

  • DP Saddlery Purple suede berry conchos crupper ring Top Hat Tack

    Crupper Ring

    *Shown with Purple Suede, Berry conchos, HM Cantle with white pipe. *upcharge

  • DP Saddlery El campo extended flap Top Hat Tack

    Flap Length

    Can be lengthened or shortened up to 2inch/5cm. Standard length from center of seat to bottom of flap is. 20-21 inch. *upcharge

  • DP Saddlery footmans loops Top Hat Tack

    Footmans Loops

    Set of loops on the rear cantle to tie things to. *upcharge. Shown with boarder tooling upgade.

  • DP El campo breast collar D rings Top Hat Tack

    Breast Collar D Rings

    Standard with all Baroque saddles. Color will match the saddle hardware color selected.

  • DP Saddlery El Campo Boarder Tooling Top Hat Tack

    Boarder Tooling

    On regular model. You can pick the pattern of boarder tooling HERE

  • DP El Campo SKL with Boarder tooling Nubuck Top Hat Tack

    SKL with Boarder tooling

    Also Shown with added slot for stirrup leathers on the SKL area. You can pick the pattern of boarder tooling HERE.

  • SKL With Boarder tooling and Conchos

  • DP Saddlery El Campo SKL with corner tooling Top Hat Tack

    SKL Corner tooling

  • DP Saddlery El Campo Corner flower tooling Top Hat Tack

    Corner Flower Tooling

  • DP El Campo Corner flower tooling with boarder tooling Top Hat Tack

    Corner Flower Tooling + Boarder Tooling

  • DP Saddlery El Campo boarder floral with boarder tooling Top Hat Tack

    Boarder Floral Tooling + Boarder Tooling

    Boarder Floral with boarder tooling in front of the knee area. Can be done with no boarder tooling

  • DP Saddlery El Campo boarder flower tooling Top Hat Tack

    Boarder Flower Tooling + Boarder tooling

    Boarder Floral Toolign with boarder tooling behind the knee block. Can be done with no boarder tooling.

  • DP El Campo with basket tooling flap Top Hat Tack

    Full flap basket tooling

    The cantle can be tooled to match. Select the basket pattern HERE

  • DP El Campo Del Flor Floral tooling with conchos

    Full Floral Tooling

    Full floral tooling, No Boarder Tooling. With Conchos.

  • Full Floral + Boarder Tooling

  • Rawhide

    Rawhide stitching on the rear skirt, Latigo strings front and back. Boarder Tooling and Corner flower tooling.

  • Quilting

    Quilting can be done on the SKL and back of the Cantle. It can be done in any of the DP thread colors to contrast the stitching if you would like. Shown with antique conchos.

  • Brilliant

    Swarovski crystals with stitching. Cantle is done to match the rear thigh area. *Show with contrasting stitches on the whole saddle. Many Color crystals available. Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Aurora, Clear, White, Black, Red, Teal. Thread can be any DP Thread color (matching or contrasting the saddle leathers). Shown on the SKL model. Can be done on the same area on the regular flap saddle.

  • Standard

  • Antique Conchos

    This will be the standard if you order conchos on the saddle. Antique Brass or Silver.

  • Decor

    This will be standard when you order the Decor version of the El Campo

  • Brilliant

    This pattern will be standard when you order the Brilliant package (Thigh and Cantle)

  • Floral

    Floral no boarder tooling

  • Boarder Tooling + Footmans Loops

    Pick your boarder tooling HERE

  • Floral with Berry Conchos

  • Basket

    Select the basket pattern HERE

  • Impulse pattern

    This pattern is normally done on the Impulse, but can be done on the El Campo.

  • Special Colors

    HM Cantle with white pipe. Purple (Raspberry) Suede Color and Berry conchos.

  • Berry Conchos no Tooling

  • Horse Head Tooling

  • Basket Tooling

    Another example of basket tooling on a cantle.