DP Adjustable Gullet System

DP Saddlery Easy Twist  Adjustable Gullet System. Dressage, Western (yes adjustable western saddles) Baroque, Working Equitation, Jumping, Training, Western Dressage. Take your saddle from narrow to wide with the twist of an allen wrench. No plates, screws etc. just twist to fit the horse and off you go. Ride Multiple horses in one day with no hassle. 

DP Saddlery Adjustable Gullet system range

 Video has sound, so if you want to mute please turn down the volume before playing the video.


*Different models have different ranges based on the head/fork width and padding and density of leather. 

Here is a link  to instructions on how to fit the adjustable system. Click HERE



DP Saddlery Adjustable Gullet Tool