Collection: DP Saddlery Jerez and Cadiz

Jerez and Cadiz General Information:

DP Saddlery Jerez and Cadiz are baroque saddles specifically designed for the short coupled horses like the PRE and Lusitanos. The seats are very balanced and the leg position is stabilized with a rear gallery. All have an easy twist adjustable gullet system. See How The Gullet Works HERE The girth used with this saddle is a short Dressage style 2 buckle girth. DP Girths HERE

Saddle length is about 20in, Flap Length is about 16.5in, Weight about 16.5lb

The difference between the Jerez and the Cadiz is the shape of the soft leg insert area. They are available without the soft leg also. 

DP Saddlery Jerez and Cadiz SKL

Available with a soft Nappa or Nubuck SKL with soft leg area. Spanish style cantle and pommel area frame the broad balanced seat area. 

Ultra flex tree for your horse to be free to move. The panels are designed to maximize the weight distribution area while minimizing the length of the distribution. They are upswept in the back for loin protection and have a shoulder relief shape in the front to increase horse comfort and freedom of movement. 

The broad seat makes this saddle comfortable for all day riding and interactive training. The upright sitting position allows for correct riding position. This saddle is used for PRE's, Lusitanos, and all other breeds Working Equitation, Classical Dressage (not USEF), baroque riding styles such as Spanish riding, Iberian, Portuguese, Peruvian. Trail and general riding, Parades, Costume