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Bits D Ring 3 pc Oval link Copper Alloy

Bits D Ring 3 pc Oval link Copper Alloy

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Comfort Bit - D ring 3 piece Oval Link in Copper Alloy

Notice how the oval is the top of the bit laying smooth across the roof of the horses' mouth. If the side rings are the top of the center then there is a pinching, jabbing effect. This bit was carefully tested and selected because softness is in the details (and the hands). So pair your gentle hand with this comfort oval ring bit so you and your horse can achieve greatness. 

  • D Ring side
  • 3 pc Oval shape center link
  • Copper alloy in the mouth area for added salivation to increase relaxation
  • Bit thickness about 1.41cm at the D
  • Bit Size listed in EU CM measurements here is the conversion chart.
    • 14.0 cm = 5.5 in
    • 14.5 cm = 5.7 in
    • 14.7cm = 5.78 in
    • 15.0 cm = 5.9 in
  • FULL CM to IN bit chart HERE


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