Collection: DP Jump

The Classic Jump a Nova Flex Saddle, General Information:

The Jump 3510 comes with a sweat flap.  The leg blocks are removeable. Some models have front and rear leg blocks some have front. 

DP Saddlery Nova Flex  saddles are built on an Ultra Flex tree. It has an easy twist adjustable gullet system. See How The Gullet Works HERE The girth used with this saddle is a short Dressage style 2 buckle girth. DP Girths HERE

Saddle length vary by seat size, but in general they are about 18in, Flap Length is about 18in, Weight about 17.5lb. The Nova Flex line comes in 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5. 

 The panels are flocked designed to be tapered in the back, and come standard with the soft-touch wedge panel. This helps maximize the weight distribution area while minimizing the length of the distribution. You can also upgrade to the close contact panels.

Some upgrades that are possible include a patent cantle, or patent trim and pipe. You can order this saddle in any of the DP nappa colors including a very wide range of browns. You can select from many stitching colors that match our nappa colors, or contrast your stitching color. Pipe is available in most of the nappa colors such as white, gray, blue, brown, cognac, beige, red, sand, etc.

 This saddle is used for , Jumping, general riding,  USEF Jumper and Huntseat classes, Trail, Training, Endurance, and All Purpose riding.