Collection: DP Startrekk Comfort English and Western

The DP Startrekk Treeless Comfort line can have the flaps changed out to fenders and back for ultimate versatility (one comes with the saddle, other sold separate) Great for endurance, short backed horses, round horses. 

  • The total length: S1 is 21in, S2 22in
  • The panel length: S1 is 18.5in s2 19in
  • Flap Length about 19.5in
  • About 12 lbs
  • Fenders: 22.5, 27, 31in
  • Possible to get in the easy twist adjustable Delfin fork, or exchangeable plates. 
DP Saddlery Startrekk Treeless Saddles Comfort English and Comfort Western Delfin Fork