DP Saddlery Quantum Vs Quantum Short and Light

Saddle fit for your horse is just as important as saddle fit for you. Luckily DP offers the Quantum Western style with two different panels systems so that we can fit the horse while you get to keep the same fantastic Quantum Western seat. 

The 1215 panels are longer, NOT longer from head to tail, longer from spine to belly. By having more surface area attaching the saddle to the horse you will have more stability. 

The 1214 and 1215 have what is called the Short and Light panels. This does not mean that the saddle is shorter for short backed horses. Both saddles are the same length and have the same head to tail impact length. The Short panels refers to them being tucked up under the saddle not hanging longer down the ribs. This is good for horses that are lighter, leaner, have a more prominent withers and can stabilize the saddle a bit better. 

Please take a look at some of the circled areas in this photo

quantum short and light vs western 1215 1214 1216 DP Saddlery

Imagine a 7 year old and a 4 year old of 2  length legs. The child with the longer legs will be able to wrap around the horse and grip more of the horse to stay on. While the 4 year old will have their legs sticking out further to the side, have less wrap and be perched on top of the horse more. It is not to say that the 4 yo or the 7 yo is going to ride better. Or that the 4 yo can not ride a wider horse. However if you are wanting to be more stable on a rounder horse, or even your leaner horse then the 1215 panels will provide more grip, more surface area to hold the saddle on the horse. 

The panel fit over the shoulder will also be a factor to consider when dealing with wider horses even if they have a prominent withers. We would suggest the 1215 model.